Bakker Tomas van desembakkerij Smørbrød in Gent aan het werk, broodvol passie
It started with a nice hobby in the winter of 2019. Making that first sourdough starter. Frustrating at first, but with an oh-so-beautiful result.
After much practice, beautiful loaves of bread began to be created from the rye levain. They were enjoyed by the family, and of course by ourselves. Could our Tomas have a hidden quality here? Maybe. 
Now that our levain was already a few months old, we started looking for a name for it. During our daily Corona walks along the Coupure, we came up with the name "Zuren Tuur". Not a motherly name, but fitting for our Ghentian sourdough starter, isn't it?
In the meantime, we haven't had to buy bread for months, because Tomas does a nice job baking beautiful sourdough loaves. And that sourdough bread tastes really good.

Tomas is looking for a new challenge in his life and... Tomas likes to bake bread. Would it be something for him to become a sourdough baker? Tomas said to me once: "If I win Euromillions, I would start a sourdough bakery". Maybe he should give it a try without Euromillions... And that's how the idea to start as a sourdough baker from our small house in Ghent was born. Fortunately we have two bedrooms, so we rebuild one of our separate bedrooms to serve as Tomas' home sourdough bakery. That's where Tomas' beautiful pure, organic and super tasty sourdough breads are created for now. (And of course the cookies.))
I have to admit, it's well worth a try. You must of course taste the bread for yourself first to judge these "super tasty" breads. ;-)
Written by Tomas' biggest fan, Jolien.
Tomas likes to bake, he doesn't like to write.
PS: Where does the name come from, you ask? "SMØRBRØD": Literally translated from Norwegian, means a slice of bread with butter. Nothing better than a fresh slice of sourdough with good butter! Plus, we like Norway and thought the word SMØR was funny when on holiday there. ;-)